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The MBF Center was founded by Mary Ann Flanigan with the mission of providing quality services for persons with disabilities. The organization provided education, career and employment assistance to individuals with severe disabilities. The MBF Center Fund was established to carry that mission forward by funding organizations that empower individuals with disabilities to lead independent and productive live

The MBF Center Fund managed by The Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. is pleased to announce an opportunity for non-profit organizations providing programs for adult individuals with disabilities to prepare for, achieve and maintain employment in the community to apply for a grant. The grant size will range from $3000-$5,000.

The eligible non-profit must serve consumers in Montgomery County and have a proven track record of success in 3 areas: preparation, achievement and maintenance of employment. In addition the non-profit must be in good financial health. The number of grants awarded will depend on the quality of the full proposals including the outcomes. It is unlikely that a grant will be considered for a new project unless all other funding is committed for the project.

Eligible non-profit organizations will truly collaborative projects are encouraged to apply.

Application for a grant does not imply funding.

The online grant application is available on Monday, October 9, 2023 and due no later than Tuesday, October 31, 2023 by 3:00pm.

Please click here for online application.


The Foundation seeks proposals from agencies for the MBF Center Fund that enhance the quality of life for adult individuals with disabilities to prepare for, achieve, and maintain employment in the community.

  • Do not duplicate existing programs and services;
  • Empower the disadvantaged or underserved;
  • Are collaborative in nature;
  • Have potential to become long-term solutions to existing or emerging social issues;
  • Respect and embrace the diversity of the Foundation's service area while working for the overall good of the community;
  • Directly benefit the citizens of Montgomery County;
  • DETAIL Measurable and Achievable outcomes;
  • DEMONSTRATE other sources of support, committed and potential;
  • Are SUSTAINABLE after the funding period.

The Foundation does NOT provide grants for the following through the General Distribution or the Special Initiatives or the MBF Center Fund:

  • State or Federal Government Agencies;
  • Organizations outside of Montgomery County, unless evidence is presented that their work specifically benefits people in Montgomery County;
  • Umbrella Funding Organizations for the purposes of re-granting;
  • Support for religious indoctrination or activities;
  • Hospitals;
  • Endowments;
  • Capital Campaigns/improvements;
  • Deficit financing;
  • Individuals;
  • Support for equipment and supplies except as they are integral to the project budget;
  • Fundraising campaigns and expenses, and/or fundraising staff;
  • Salary for new staff positions or for individual staff positions except as they are integral to the project budget;
  • Lobbying, electioneering and activities of political nature;
  • Activities that have the potential to support terrorism;
  • Political activities of any kind;
  • Ads, sponsorships, or special events.

Eligibility is limited to non-profit, tax-exempt organizations serving the citizens of Montgomery County.

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