The Montgomery County Foundation

The Montgomery County Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit community organization whose purpose is to help donors achieve their philanthropic ideals.

Our Vision is to be a recognized leader and catalyst in philanthropic matters for Montgomery County and surrounding area by serving as a resource for donors, charitable non-profit agencies and the general public through a proactive program of asset growth, management and distribution of funds that reflect the unique knowledge of a commitment to the Community.

We accomplish this by a process that assists donors in the development of their philanthropic vision by encompassing the permanent yet flexible characteristics of community foundations, which ultimately support innovative ideas that strengthen the non-profit organization's ability to serve its communities.

We provide donors, their families and advisors the resources they will need to help them achieve their charitable dreams.

The Community Foundation is ‘a Catalyst for Community Solutions’. As well as assisting donors to make an impact, the Foundation focuses on community issues and needs. It convenes non-profits, provides educational programs, fiscal sponsorships for civic groups and new nonprofits.

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The 74% Initiative:
A Conversation About Women in the Nonprofit Workplace

Made possible by the Lead Sponsorship of Events Partner,
Steel Valley Group of Raymond James & Associates

The 74% Initiative: A Conversation About Women in the Nonprofit Workplace, generously sponsored by Events Partner, Steel Valley Group of Raymond James & Associates recently took place to an exceptionally responsive audience. Kelly McLean Rindock represented Raymond James and opened the program with an engaging introduction to the critical need for women to attend to their financial circumstances with care and support. For further information and additional sponsorship acknowledgement, please click here to read News Update.

Photo Credit: Barbara Jean Maresca
(Left-Right) Peggy Outon, Keynote Speaker and Executive Director of the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, Virginia Frantz, MCF President & CEO,
Kelly McLean Rindock, Steel Valley Investment Group of Raymond James & Associates, Alma Jacobs,
Honorary Chair, Marsha Bolden, MCF Board Member, Dr. Thurman D. Booker, MCF Board Member,
Dr. A. Kirk Field, Board Member and Cindy Diccianni, MCF Board Member

The Montgomery County Foundation

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